What You Need to Know About Psychology and Health Sciences


Accepted notions of health and well being have changed a lot in recent years. Until recently health was the attainment of specific physiological health indicators set by medical science. In the old model of health, your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol counts were more important in determining your health and well being than your psychological and emotional condition. However, today this is seen as a limited point of view. Health sciences and psychology give us a more comprehensive view of wellness than the previous medical model, one that includes fitness and diet as well as emotional and psychological health.


The new health and well being paradigm calls for doctors who are trained in these new ideas and are able to help their patients take on a more holistic view of their health and well being. By including mental and emotional well being in your health assessment, you can really understand yourself better which will lead you to a more comprehensive view of your health. To guide you through this process, you need an experienced psychologist who is trained in the field of health sciences. A good example of a doctor who practices in the health sciences area is Dr. John Toussaint.

To gain more knowledge on the benefits of psychology and health science, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychology.


Psychology and health sciences help you find a path to health and well being that goes beyond simple medical indices like BMI and blood pressure. This more comprehensive path to health and well being is much more inclusive than the medical paradigm. The earlier purely physical notion of health almost seemed to be limited and far too competitive. People who approach health as competition are likely to drive themselves into an unbalanced view of their well being. The best way to achieve real, lasting health is to accommodate all of the factors involved with health, including one's psychological well being, view website!


If you would like to learn more about psychology and health sciences, you should begin by visiting the website of a doctor who is familiar with these ideas. Dr. John Toussaint is a good example of a doctor who follows the health sciences paradigm. By visiting the official website of a health sciences doctor like John Toussaint, you will learn more about the psychology and health science services that they offer. To get started, all you need to do is perform a search engine search for more information about psychology and health science. In Australia you should search the web for more information about Australian Dr. John Toussaint, click here to get started!

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